I usually don’t pay that much attention to people’s possession. When I am on a shoot, I focus on the subject at hand, usually a bride and groom. Sure, I notice what people wear, what they are saying, and how they are interacting; but beyond that it is all background. For some reason when I was taking photos at an engagement party in the home of the groom, my eyes zeroed in on the guy’s under counter beer fridge. I started fantasizing about my man cave, as modest as it is, and how this appliance would be ideal for myself or weekends with the guys while watching the big game or an old favorite movie. Wine fridges are classy and the beer version (like these: https://www.crackacoldone.net) is all man.

This particular model was typical enough but it was just the one I want. It has a stainless steel case and a transparent class swing door. You open it by hitting a foot pedal just above the floor. This is what made it unique. No bending over to pull a traditional handle. While I am nimble enough, I just would rather not execute an uncomfortable move. The beer cans contained within on six chairs were organized by brand and type and it was impressive how much this small unit held. I loved that the shelves were also made of glass. It gave the whole interior a clean, modern vibe. I imagined that I could see a trace of frostiness on the fridge’s sides. I was suddenly craving an ice cold brew and my thirst could not be quenched by my bottle of water.

I was in a kind of reverie and had to be reminded that everyone in the current photo was posed and waiting. That jolted me back to reality. After a batch of group photos and single shots of the bride and groom looking like the top of a wedding cake, the groom noticed that I was still staring at the beer fridge. “You can have one if you like,” he offered. “No, I’m working,” I signed. He then invited me to come over for game night in two weeks when he was back from his honeymoon and life returned to normal. For him that meant lots of friends eating snacks and drinking beer while playing poker or listening to music. I don’t usually socialize with clients, but it was very tempting. I wanted to see the appliance in action. I knew that would prompt me to indulge and get one just like it. I had a bonus from a happy client and it was begging to be spent on this practical item.

One day I would be able to free my regular refrigerator from its load of beer cans and bottles. I would house it all in my new beer fridge. It would be super convenient and allow for more normal food storage so I wouldn’t have to go to the supermarket quite so often. Frankly, I am going to get the fridge and I don’t need any justification. Got it?