There are too many choices in life: coffee or tea, chocolate or vanilla, Coke or Pepsi, and Shark versus Dyson. Of course there is paper versus plastic, hot versus cold, and jam versus jelly. I could go on and on but you get the point.   I recently had to face the big brand duality when considering what type of vacuum to buy. I asked around, searched online, and read the descriptions and reviews. I was pretty thorough, as I am about most things.  It was an important issue given the necessity of keeping my work storage room clean. Maybe you don’t know it, but dust is the enemy of camera equipment and I go to great pains to seal the area and never open the window. When it does get dirty, I clean it by hand which is not that effective. Now that I have a Shark (the winner in the would-be competition), I can simply put on various attachments and get every little nook and cranny. I don’t expect my camera to show a flake of dust. It means that I have let my standards lapse.

I chose the Shark for many reasons in case you were wondering and are facing the same appliance dilemma. It is a bit cheaper and has a great reputation that rivals the phenomenal Dyson. The Shark comes with all sorts of attachments whereas with the comparable Dyson, you get only the four basic tools. I needed more than that: the crevasse tool, the small brush, the wood floor attachment, and the automatic duster. I wanted bagless and it was a tossup between the two. Neither uses this old fashioned form of dust trap. Both are easy to wipe down and fold up.

I wish all life’s decisions were as easy as deciding Shark vs Dyson. Picking ice cream was harder. Ha! I am thrilled with my vacuum and appreciate its compact size. It is light weight for maneuverability and every so easy to store in a rather small closet which is all I had left. Other available space has been given over to photography equipment old and new. Both brands were entirely possible and it came down to a matter of color, material, and design. I have an eye for these things as I am trained to look at the work intently with a great deal of focus. Once I made my pros and cons list, it was a quick decision and I have no regrets. The Shark is a superior machine, well-engineered and reliable. I don’t expect any problems. I can clean to my heart’s content. My dust rags are getting a rest.

It is a nightmare to get dust in your valuable equipment. It is hard to remove given all the tiny parts involved. It can affect a camera long term if you let it sit for a long time. I now have a regular routine. I call it Shark time.