Cleanliness is next to godliness. Who made that up because it is so true in my case? It could be my personal motto. I am so fastidious about keeping my camera equipment clean, not to mention my house. People say that I have become a fanatic and I don’t mind. I will stay on my quest for perfection. As for the camera, I have special cloths and solutions for the lens so nothing is harmed while it gets the once-over. Every tiny nook and cranny is inspected by my keen eyes. My assistant can barely stand to be around when I am in this cleaning mode. Why on earth did I hire him? If you want clean, you have to do it yourself.

Nothing in my house is exempt. I have the tidiest rooms, floors you could eat off, and the most spotless kitchen and bathrooms on the planet. What is my secret? I use deionized water in my cleaning solutions. Yes, I make my own thanks to my new reverse osmosis water filtering system from It produces the purity I require. Sure, I could buy the water at the store, but that is ridiculous. (Please, no comments).

Since the system was not that expensive – a mere few hundred dollars – it pays for itself every week in terms of my savings on bottled water. It is so pure that I could drink it. Of, course I do. I put it in the fridge in special bottles that I take with me wherever I go. As for cleaning, it produces streak-free windows and smudge-proof appliances. It was easy to install with the help of a pro who came without charge from the filter company. He assured me that there is no maintenance required so I can spend all my time cleaning my house instead of tending to the filter. Besides, he comes back every six months on his own to replace the old one. I can go on wiping down the bathroom tile, scouring the sinks, and ridding the wood floors of dirt and dust. If I had a pet, you wouldn’t see one stray hair.

How did I get this way? Did my mother beat me into submission if I refused to do chores? Of course, not. It is about hygiene and healthy habits. I abhor the idea of getting sick. This may be the true cause of my mania. I hate it when I have to use a phone that someone has spoken into. It must be loaded with germs. I will not use another person’s comb or brush. There is not even the smallest possibility of sharing a glass or toothbrush. So, let’s hear it for cleanliness. Who wants to live in a pigsty? I recommend a water filter for each and every one of you who wants to drink the best smelling and tasting water around. It can rival Evian, Fiji, and Sparklett’s any time.