Favorite Photos From My Own Wedding

I had a good time at my wedding. We hired a really good photographer, too. I wanted someone who wouldn’t just line everyone up and take a bunch of boring portraits. Instead, he and his partner followed us around the whole day. That probably sounds excessive and irritating, but after about a half hour everyone forgot they were even there. The result was some really great pictures.

This is going to sound self-centered but my favorite picture was taken of me. One of the photographers caught the expression on my face as I was watching my bride come down the aisle. It captured everything that day was about for me: so much happiness that I would be sharing my life with this amazing person. Every time she gets mad at me, I point at that picture up on our wall. I ask her, “how can you be mad at this guy? Look how much he loves you.” It even works sometimes.

One great picture of the two of us was taken during the ceremony. The only thing in the photo is our hands. They were intertwined and it was right after we did the ring exchange. I don’t know if they were close to us or if it was just a good lens. I didn’t see the photo being taken. Another one of my favorite pictures happened right after the ceremony. We’d never actually rehearsed what we were supposed to do after we walked down the aisle together at the end. We ended up just standing outside together by ourselves. My wife was holding my hand and laughing at me. I remember what she said: “We did it. We’re married.” I was smiling. We had no idea the photographer had even come outside. We thought we were alone. I think that’s the sign of a good wedding photographer—somebody who is there at the right time and doesn’t interfere with spontaneous moments.

We didn’t do a lot of those typical pictures. We have pictures of us with the whole bridal party, but only a few of them are posed portraits. The only real portrait type photos that were taken were of us with our parents and then one of everyone who attended the wedding – that picture was sent out as part of our thank you card. There was no smashing-each-other-with-the-cake type things. I don’t even know why anybody does those. I don’t know of anyone who has a picture like that blown up and hung over the mantle. To each his own, I guess.

I try to keep my favorite shots in mind when I take pictures at other people’ weddings. I try to find those same kinds of special moments for other couples on their special day. Sometimes I feel like I have to be paying attention to every single thing that is going on so that I don’t miss anything. Maybe one day I will be good enough that I can hire an assistant and won’t have to worry so much about that.